Case Study

Dear Watson Consulting

Dear Watson Consulting (DWC) is a Power BI and data analytics consultancy based in Melbourne, Australia.

increase in organic traffic


increase in page views


goal conversion rate


DWC had established itself as a leader in the data analytics and Power BI space, and knew they had potential for more growth. However, their website was outdated and targeted the wrong prospects. They wanted their services to appeal to enterprises rather than smaller firms, but lacked the time and expertise to adjust their online presence and marketing efforts to meet these goals.


We assigned DWC a dedicated strategist who works with them to create 90-day campaigns. Our SEOs, writers, developers, and designers modernized their website and improved their messaging. We’re publishing case studies to build trust, and adding pages targeting specific roles and industries. SEO-optimized articles target prospects and direct them to the website, where there’s an eBook lead magnet.


In the first 90-day campaign, DWC gained seven qualified leads (just one was enough to cover the cost of our services.) Within six months, they saw a 44% increase in site visitors, a 39% increase in page views, and a 2.62% goal conversion rate, up from essentially zero. They have started ranking for key SEO search terms in their industry, resulting in new organic traffic to their site where targeted messaging and UX design result in quality lead generation.

Services we provided

Email Campaigns The client and their Pronto Growth Manager plan the client’s email outreach promoting their content and nurturing their audience and leads.
Lead Magnets Guides, eBooks, and other high-value but free content that appeals to the target audience and persuades them to share their contact information.
Blog Articles The blog is a center for the information the client’s customers are looking for, educating them and leading them to the clients’ sales funnel.
Web Development The new site is built with industry best practices and code optimized for fast load times. All pages are cross browser and device tested.
Web Design Wireframes and mockups that the client approves along the way ensure the design is effective and visually appealing to their target audience.
Customer Narrative We work with the client to clarify their brand voice and make their website and marketing materials appealing to their ideal prospects.
Competitor Analysis We investigate the client’s rivals’ strategies, strengths, and weaknesses to identify opportunities for the client to stand apart.
Buyer Personas Using the client’s current customer data, we create profiles of ideal prospects so we know who to target and who not to target.
Marketing Strategy Direct communication with a dedicated Growth Manager, a marketing expert who is backed by a team of writers, designers, and developers. They research the business and plan unique campaigns.

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