Case Study

Facet Seven

Facet Seven is an independent gym chain based in Houston, Texas, USA.


Facet Seven were highly motivated to expand their operations. However, they were struggling to communicate their fitness expertise to potential new gym members and their workplace benefits to potential new trainers. They also lacked a cohesive brand identity, which made it difficult to create a strategy for gaining qualified leads.


We assigned a dedicated strategist who worked with Facet Seven to identify their ideal audiences and their problems and needs. We then rewrote and redesigned key pages on their website and published SEO-optimized blog posts to communicate how Facet Seven can meet these needs. In addition to the web pages and blog, PPC Google Ads direct prospects to their membership page.


Through their website rebrand and authoritative articles, Facet Seven has been able to establish itself as a gym where anyone can train like an athlete. They have a platform for communicating their expertise in whole-body fitness, endurance training, and injury recovery. They have seen an increase in qualified leads, specifically triathletes and runners.

Services we provided

SEO Campaigns We identify low competition keywords that the client can rank for and build relevant links on third-party websites that point back to their site. This process increases their site's authority and credibility, resulting in improved search rankings and traffic.
Web Development The new site is built with industry best practices and code optimized for fast load times. All pages are cross browser and device tested.
Web Design Wireframes and mockups that the client approves along the way ensure the design is effective and visually appealing to their target audience.
SEO Analysis We deliver a report that reveals gaps and opportunities in the client’s SEO strategy, and helps them publish content their customers are really searching for.
Pitch Script We write targeted pitches based on the Ray Edwards framework that are used for the client’s website, email campaigns, and other marketing materials.
Customer Narrative We work with the client to clarify their brand voice and make their website and marketing materials appealing to their ideal prospects.
Competitor Analysis We investigate the client’s rivals’ strategies, strengths, and weaknesses to identify opportunities for the client to stand apart.
Buyer Personas Using the client’s current customer data, we create profiles of ideal prospects so we know who to target and who not to target.
Marketing Strategy Direct communication with a dedicated Growth Manager, a marketing expert who is backed by a team of writers, designers, and developers. They research the business and plan unique campaigns.

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