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What’s unique about working with a Growth Connect fractional CMO?

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Marketing requires strategy and expertise — can you really afford to go it alone?

If you’re leading a business today, you’re likely frustrated by marketing. Gone are the days when a modest ad budget would drive in leads. Now, you can put energy and money into campaigns that seem to just get lost in the noise. They don’t deliver results, and you don’t know why.

We know why.

  • Challenge 1: Absence of a marketing strategy

Your message won’t reach your ideal audience if you don’t have clear areas of differentiation and a well-defined strategy for targeting them. Instead, you’re just left fighting against your competitors by trying to undercut them or one-up them.

  • Challenge 2: Lack of a marketing system

You can launch campaigns and send emails, but without processes to connect them and monitor the results, you’re shooting blind. Ad hoc marketing campaigns only really succeed through luck.

  • Challenge 3: Lack of marketing leadership

Business leaders like to wear multiple hats, but keeping up with changing marketing trends and technologies takes a huge amount of time. If you don’t have the know-how and expertise to provide guidance to your internal marketers, your marketing is essentially leaderless.

So is it all bad news? Not at all!

You can overcome these challenges, and it takes just 90 days. It’s a transformation – the transformation from marketing as a necessary evil, to marketing becoming your primary driver of business growth.

Adding an fCMO to your team will allow you to bring in an expert marketing leader without needing to expand your executive headcount. They add strategic and technical marketing skills to your business, working with you to craft your messaging and target your ideal customers. And they’ll begin building your internal marketing team, helping it become self-sufficient, and eventually replacing themselves with your own in-house marketing leader.

It’s time to make your marketing transformation.

The 90-day transformation:
How it works

The goal of the 90-day transformation is to establish a solid foundation for your marketing. It’s the ideal length of time for developing an in-house marketing system, with the appropriate people, tools, and processes in place. Each month has its own milestones and deliverables.

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Month 1

Gathering Insights

Month one is for gathering insights about your business, customers, competitors, and market. Your fCMO interviews you and other stakeholders in your organization. They also perform competitor and market research on their own and by leveraging their network of marketing experts.

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Month 2

Blueprint Stage

Month two is the blueprint stage: Your fCMO combines their interviews and research into your foundational marketing collateral. These are customized for your business and define your messaging. They are essential for strategic and tactical campaign planning. Included:

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Month 3


In month three, implementation begins. This is when planning meets execution. First, the low-hanging fruit — gaps in your marketing that can be easily filled or opportunities that can be immediately pursued. Your fCMO sets up your marketing team structure, defines roles, and establishes SOPs and best practices for marketing data collection and analysis.

A Fractional CMO is the fastest way to grow your business

The marketing investment that gets less expensive over time.

With the Growth Connect model, your fCMO’s role tapers off as you add team members and develop your own in-house competencies.

Your fCMO’s engagement level moves through phases — from team leader to coach to advisor, finally being replaced by your own in-house marketing executive.*

*You’re welcome to join at Phase 2 or 3 if you already have a successful marketing team and are looking for iteration rather than transformation.

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90-day marketing transformation benefits and outcomes

Instantly add marketing expertise and leadership to your team

Free yourself to focus on your own strengths and aspirations

Avoid the expenses and delays of hiring bad-fit full-time employees

Understand exactly who your customers and competitors are

Build a distinct brand and craft a unique message

Develop short-, mid-, and long-term growth goals based on data and analysis

Create a repeatable marketing system for stable growth

Begin establishing your own in-house marketing team

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Bonus: Case Study

Your 90-day transformation will also include your first piece of actionable marketing collateral: an in-depth case highlighting one of your customers. It will be professionally written and based on your fCMO’s research and interviews with your customers and other stakeholders. This case study can be implemented in your sales process and used to demonstrate your expertise.

Hear from our clients

This process was the best we have ever experienced. Our marketing has improved tenfold. Ravin implemented a comprehensive process to flush out all of our ideas and solutions for our clients, and helped to re-craft our entire website from the ground up.

jason new

Jason Caras

Chief Executive Officer,

 IT Authorities

Working with Ravin has taken the hassle of marketing away from me. His marketing blueprint provided the structure and direction we needed to drive high-quality leads, resulting in an incredible ROI of over ten times in just 90 days. Our online engagement has skyrocketed, and our once poorly designed website is now a well-thought-out cornerstone of our growth strategy – an excellent result!

greg nash profile.png

Greg Nash

Principal Consultant,

 Dear Watson Consulting

Ravin transformed our marketing efforts from a scatter-shot approach to a focused and effective strategy. His guidance led to successful content marketing and a revitalized website, effectively communicating our brand. Most marketers simply “pull the lever” and do the work, but Ravin was truly our CMO, ensuring that we stayed on track.

joshua davis signature pic circle

Joshua Davis

Business Development Guru,


img gm badge marketing strategist GC

Certified member

Growth Connect

I’m part of an international network of fractional CMOs. We use a proven method to help mid-sized businesses grow.

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Drop of a hat guarantee

Business leaders need to wear a lot of hats. It’s exciting, but also stressful. We guarantee that within the first 30 days of working with your fractional CMO, you’ll know your marketing is in good hands. It’ll be one less hat you have to wear. And if you don’t feel this weight off your shoulders, we’ll give you your money back.

Tremendous upside and zero risk!

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